Service More Cars Without More Staff

Repairit uses your shop software to automatically curate personalized repair options for any vehicle, freeing up your team to focus more on cars & customers.

A view of manual work that's automatically done via Repairit platform.

We do the tasks that prevent your shop from focusing on customers more


Generate multiple estimates in seconds

Instantly generate accurate, tiered estimates with Repairit, offering options from 'good' to 'best' to elevate customer satisfaction and sales.


Follow-up with past customers & prospects

Enhance loyalty and secure missed revenue through Repairit's automated follow-up system, engaging customers at key moments post-service.


Receive daily estimation analysis feedback

With Repairit, gain in-depth performance insights without the overhead. Our reports bring corporate-level analysis to your shop’s strategy.

We don't change your current workflows, we automate them instead.

Prioritize customer experience and leave the estimating to AI.

Effortlessly integrate Repairit to elevate customer service. Our AI streamlines estimating, perfectly fitting into existing workflows without extra steps.

Unlock the power of AI to follow-up with your customers

Seamlessly enhance customer retention with Repairit’s AI follow-ups. Our solution integrates smoothly, enriching your service without changing daily operations.

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Receive a daily report on your estimate & upsell performance

Incorporate Repairit easily for vital daily insights into estimates and upsells. Gain valuable performance analysis with no disruption to your current practices.

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Empower your shop with AI built for auto repair

Empower your shop with AI specifically designed for the auto repair industry. Repairit intuitively enhances your operations, making cutting-edge technology feel like a natural extension of your business. It simplifies complex processes, allowing you to focus on what you do best: delivering top-notch service and driving your shop to new heights.

Generate multiple options for any estimate

AI-driven Repairit instantly crafts multiple estimates, offering customer choices that increase sales. Discover how.

Provide a 1, 30, & 90 day follow-up for customers and prospects

Let Repairit's AI manage follow-ups at crucial times, building customer loyalty. See the difference it makes.

Receive daily insights into where your shop can better perform

Daily AI insights from Repairit spotlight improvement areas for your shop. Learn more about optimizing operations.

Ready to unleash your shop's full potential?

Repairit automates the processes that take your team the most time, that way they can focus on what matters most... your customers.